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Build a Connected culture and engage your team with Peer Recognition.

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What We Do

We help teams to stay connected and engaged especially in this remote reality. We build a culture of peer recognition, bring visibility to employee achievements, hard work and interactions, and provide insights to detect disengagement.

build-a-recognition-culture Build a Recognition
bring-visibility Bring Visibility
promote-core-values Promote Core values
rewards-as-experiences Rewards as experiences

Build a Recognition

Empower and inspire your team by enabling them to recognize each other and celebrate hard work. Build strong connections, foster collaboration and instil a sense of belonging. Ensure that everybody gets meaningful, authentic and real-time recognitions.

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Bring Visibility

Make employees’ achievements and efforts visible to everyone in the company especially while working remotely. Ensure that their contributions and everyday positive interaction experiences are noticed, seen and valued.

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Promote Core Values

Tie recognition to the organizational values you want to promote putting them in the center of day-to-day working interaction. Create aligned teams and boost your culture.

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promote-core-values promote-core-values promote-core-values

Rewards as experiences

Enable your team to redeem their received recognitions into diverse rewards from our global catalogue or create group events with peers to have better experiences together.

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Rewards as experiences

Data-Backed Decisions


Detect Disconnections

Get insights into real-time employee interactions and relationships. Discover who is in the center of the team communication or who stays out to detect disengaged employees.


Predict turnover

Predict which employees are more likely to leave the company. Identify those in the risk zone and make interventions to retain your top talents.


Discover informal leaders

Find out the informal leaders of your team and discover the employees who are most aligned with your company core values.


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