We help teams to stay connected and engaged especially in this remote reality. We build a culture of peer recognition, bring visibility to employee concerns, achievements and interactions, and provide insights to detect disengagement.

Peer to Peer Recognition

Empower employees to recognize each other and build strong connections, and relationships among them. Bring visibility to their hard work, achievements, and every-day positive interaction experiences which may go unnoticed. Foster collaboration, instill sense of belonging and create a connected culture with an opportunity to redeem recognitions into rewards.


Goal Management

Set clear goals and make company’s important objectives visible to employees. Bring transparency and let your employees know how their daily tasks contribute to achieving the company goals and vision. Create aligned, motivated and result-oriented teams.

peer to peer recognition peer to peer recognition

Employee feedback

Give voice to your employees with an engagement survey and reveal their real concerns that may stay invisible especially when they work remotely. Discover the causes of disengagement, get actionable insights and make necessary improvements to create an engaged workforce.


People Analytics

Get insights into employee interactions and relationships, find disengaged employees, informal leaders of your company, or make predictions to detect turnover. Use data to make decisions, apply the right interventions and optimize employee experience.


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