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AI-Driven Employee Feedback

Act on the Genuine Feedback of Your Team, Enhance employee engagement and create a thriving workplace where the most pressing concerns are addressed

Employee feedback and AI analysis
Hidden Problems
Quick Solutions
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Detect The Key Recurring And Hidden Problems

Empower your team with a safe place to express their thoughts and concerns openly and anonymously. By listening to their feedback uncover your employees’ real challenges, pains, and hidden problems.

Anonymous employee feedback

Give Quick Solutions And Foster Open Communication

Have all the feedback from your team stored in one place. Use our AI chat assistant to give quick replies and provide smart solutions right on the spot. Embrace open communication and create a collaborative environment.

AI chat assistant

Drive Change With Ai-Backed Data And Recommendations

Gain a comprehensive view of your team’s feedback patterns, historical dynamics and identify common pain points and recurring problems with our dashboard insights. Track trends, prioritize areas for improvement and solve the issues using our AI-generated recommendations.

AI-generated recommendations for HR

Save Your Time and Efforts with
Generative AI

Engage in Conversations with Follow-Up Questions

Initiate meaningful anonymous conversations with your teammates and suggest feedback topics. Also, send AI-generated Follow-up questions based on Survey results related to common concerns and dive deeper into the root causes.

Follow-up topic on employee feedback

Measure Employee Sentiment

Measure and Manage employee sentiment through advanced analytics. Our AI algorithms analyze the sentiment behind each feedback submission, helping you quickly identify urgent matters, prioritize your actions and save time.

Employee sentiment

Discover Recurring Concerns with Smart Dashboard

With the help of the AI-analyzed dashboard identify the recurring and common problems that resonate across your teams having a huge impact on your organization. Track patterns and implement targeted solutions.

Employee feedback dashboard

Receive AI-based Recommendations

Based on the feedback insights receive AI-generated recommendations on how to solve the recurring issues regarding employee engagement, wellness, relationship with the manager, and many more categories.

AI-based recommendations for HR

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