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Where people connect to recognize the hard work, celebrate achievements and say thank you by sending virtual carrots to one another.


Show your appreciation

Share real-time and meaningful words of appreciation. Send a carrot to recognize the hard work, dedication, and achievements that you see every day. And yes, later you can redeem your collected carrots into fun activities and gift cards.


Motivate and Inspire

Take a moment to say a heart-warming thank you and make sure all the efforts are visible, valued and celebrated. Encourage and empower.

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Celebrate Collaboration

Highlight the best collaboration moments and positive interaction experiences, build stronger relationships and connect.


How It Works


Carrots as a recognition

Create your personal space and send a recognition to your peers, colleagues, partners or friends by simply typing their email. Fill up your carrot balance and brighten up somebody’s day who makes a difference.


Rewards as Experiences

Create new memories and redeem your received carrots into diverse rewards from our gift card catalogue or use them to send recognitions.


Share as a public shout-out

Someone has come up with a creative solution or was a great help in achieving the business goals? Share publicly and let the professional community know about these daily small or big achievements.

Recognition belongs where collaboration takes place

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