Lucky Carrot builds a culture of peer recognition and gratitude, gives voice to employees and provides full analytics to discover the best talents, finds out the causes of disengagement and provides recommendations on how to enhance it.

Peer to Peer Recognition

Lucky Carrot is the backbone of a healthy recognition culture providing a new way of rewarding significant achievements and hard work. We bring visibility to employee relationships and teamwork by enhancing the feeling of appreciation and gratitude.


Employee Voice

Get anonymous feedback from your employees, understand their real problems and discover all the factors which may prevent them from giving out their best performance. Making your employees’ voices heard through pulse surveys fosters a Sense of Belonging & gives you an opportunity to meet your business goals.

peer to peer recognition peer to peer recognition

Employee Rewards

What your employees want more than anything else is On The Spot Recognition. Lucky Carrot’s Personalized, Desirable & Flexible Gift Cards make the rewarding process engaging & remarkable on a regular basis in a way that aligns with company values.


Powerful Analytics

Get powerful insights on employee interactions and relationships predicting possible turnovers․ Find out informal leaders of your company, see the complete analytics of the employee engagement score, discover disengagement causes and get recommendations on how to boost them.


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