Employee Engagement

Give voice to your employees, discover the causes of disengagement and get actionable insights to build a people-centric culture.


What we do?

Lucky Carrot’s engagement survey helps companies identify employees’ real worries and concerns that may stay invisible especially when they work remotely. We enable to get a full understanding of employee engagement, and make necessary interventions to create an engaged workforce.
enhanced engagement

Enhanced Engagement

Measure the levels of employee engagement and see where there is room for improvement. Make data-driven decisions to boost employee engagement and later measure the effectiveness of your interventions.
lower employee turnover

Lower Employee Turnover

Companies with high levels of engagement show lower rates of turnover. Act on employees’ feedback, solve the causes of disengagement, improve the employee experience, and retain your top talents.
financial growth

Higher Profitability

Drive better business outcomes by increasing employee engagement. Build a culture where employees are motivated, productive, committed, and willing to do their best to achieve the company goals.
customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Engaged employees go above and beyond to create value at work, they believe in the organization’s vision and tend to provide better customer service. Work on employee engagement to achieve customer satisfaction.

How It Works

Receive Anonymous Feedback

Give voice to your employees and collect anonymous feedback. Get answers to questions linked to 10 key engagement drivers and reveal employees’ worries and concerns.

Choose the right channel

Adjust to your workflow and choose the right channel for your employees. Enable to answer the survey on Lucky Carrot or use our integrations with Slack.

Get Actionable Insights

With real-time reports uncover employee problems or reveal what drives engagement in your company. Measure both the overall employee engagement and each key metric separately. Find out the causes of disengagement, make interventions and track your progress.

Employee Engagement
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